We developed Hambuca because we share the fascination for aniseed. We love anise spirits, licorice and anise-based tea. With this inspiration and the emerging craft spirit scene, the idea of ​​making our own Sambuca quickly came up. Without finding a perfect recipe, we experimented until we found our own mix. The combination of star anise and maple syrup immediately convinced us.

The result was our creation from Hambuca. The anise liqueur from Hamburg!

Hambuca Anislikör aus Hamburg. Mild & Natürlich mit Ahornsirup.

Mild & Natural

The spices mature in alcohol and are not pre-prepared or artificially flavored in our Hambuca. The maple syrup rounds off the liqueur with its unique, caramel flavor and color.

Thanks to traditional production and natural ingredients, Hambuca tastes incomparable. Maple syrup and star anise are included
our most important natural ingredients.

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Hambuca Anislikör aus Hamburg. Mild & Natürlich mit Ahornsirup.

Hambuca to the world!

In Hambuca we combine spices whose scent is reminiscent of a walk in the Speicherstadt.

For us, Hamburg as a Hanseatic city is a center of trade and a crossroads of cultures. A wide variety of spices, exotic luxury foods and other goods from distant countries come together here. That's why, for us, a Hamburg product not only consists of products grown in Hamburg, but can also embody the cosmopolitan spirit of this city with ingredients that reflect the maritime trading culture.

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